Prestressed timber structures

How can we increase the design possibilities of timber structures by adding prestress?
Timber structures like gridshells and other kinds of complex 3d structures have a potential for increased load capacity or reduced material usage using prestress. However, lightweight structures come at a price, often expressed as instability problems. By prestressing the structure and creating a permanent state of stresses large enough to overcome fluctuation of stresses due to e.g. live loads, challenges can be overcome. In this project, we use prestress as a tool to elaborate on opportunities of timber structures.

Long-span tensile timber roof structures

Stress ribbon timber structures
Applying the stress ribbon concept, the possibilities of using timber in pure tension to span large distances is investigated. Within this project, two master’s thesis projects have been conducted; the first (Hofverberg, 2016) was target towards an investigation of the concept, preliminary design and environmental benefits compared to conventional construction methods for large span halls; and the second (Gustavsson and Ingvarsson, 2017) investigated design and analysis methods, applicable load cases and developed construction concepts further.